How Can You Get Involved?

The Facts

One out of two marriages will end in divorce this year in America (US Census), leaving many single parents abandoned with inadequate resources to provide for themselves and their children, experiencing true "housing poverty." Adding to this statistic arre widows and never married families left with children to support and facing an uncertain future.

The Difference You can make

Shepherds Village Family Home

Thanks to caring benefactors who have "caught the vision", Shepherd's Village has provided housing and encouragement to more than 285 families and over 680 children.

Every family represents an opportunity for a fresh start. During their residency, 90% of the parents have moved from crisis and insufficient income, to establishing and pursuing major career goals. They have become students, accountants, real estate agents, dental hygienists, office managers, computer programmers, teachers and day care providers! Most importantly, they have healed and now bring hope to others who travel the same journey.

Ways You can Help

  • Provide prayer for family stability, parenting skills, vocational development and life goals
  • Provide mentoring, life resource training, project volunteer or child care provider help
  • Provide funds for capital improvement and ministry development
  • Property maintenance
  • Property improvement
  • Future residential expansion
  • Career training
  • After-school care
  • Ministry van
  • Day Care Center
  • Adult learning center
  • Automobile donations *
  • Provide scholarship funds for health, day care and housing assistance during illness and other family crisis

* Auto donations must meet Shepherd's Village mechanical inspections, have title for resale or assignments to residents use.