When You Feel Like You’re Not Enough

Are you tired of comparisons?  Looking at other people’s lives and wishing that was your reality?  Social media makes it easy to catch glimpses of well-behaved children, superhero moms, perfectly decorated homes, financial prosperity, adorable pets, fabulous wardrobes…etc.

We only see what other people allow us to see about their lives, yet we can’t help playing the comparison game.  This doesn’t only happen online. It happens in our face-to-face relationships, too.

That woman we see in the mirror?  She’s not pretty enough. Smart enough. Strong enough. Funny enough. Skinny enough. Good enough. Creative enough. (The list goes on and on, right?)  Our “not-enough-ness” leaves us feeling broken and ashamed. The scripts we write in our head sound a little like this:

I’m unloveable.

I’m unusable.

I’m worthless.

I’m nothing.

What is actually broken is how we see beauty.  We define beauty by something that is outward. Long, gorgeous hair; white, straight teeth; size 0 body; designer clothing; new, shiny car; beautiful home…It’s never enough.

It’s time to redefine BEAUTY.

But how?


Through Shepherd’s Village University’s Spiritual Wisdom course #HelloBeautyFull, we help you work through the feelings women face with the weight of their “not-enough-ness.” 

The concepts from this course are from the book Hello, Beauty Full–Seeing Yourself as God Sees You, by Elisa Morgan. We recommend that you give yourself the gift of reading the whole book, as you have the time. In the meantime, dive into some of the key principles when you sign up for the free online course