Freedom Journals

Real Stories from the Village

Opening the Door to Her Dream

Ever since her divorce in 2006, it had been a dream of Nilsa’s to own her own home. Like most single parents, her journey included many moves. Financially challenged with debt from a divorce, she was limited to the places she and her three children could live. Many of...

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Finding Triumph in Tragedy

Like most women, Zenobia arrived at Shepherd’s Village in one of the darkest moments in her life. As a single mom, she felt broken, lonely, and fearful of the future. At Shepherd’s Village, she found triumph in the tragedy.   She worked nights as an LPN so she could...

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This Wasn’t The Plan

Divorce, difficulty, and desperation – this wasn’t a part of the plan when I said, I do.In sickness in health. I do. For richer or poorer. I do. For better or worse. I do. Till separation do us part. I don’t. Hopeless and hurt. I don’t. Financially devastated and a...

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