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Real Stories from the Village

Normal: Only a Setting on the Washing Machine

Does the word normal come to mind when you think of doing the job of single parenting? Probably not. I mean, who would think it’s normal to raise two children alone, work full time, cook, clean, and pay all the bills by yourself? I don’t know about you, but if that’s...

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Hope Lives Here

The numbers are staggering. 52% of head of households in America are headed by a single parent. 84% of those homes are led by single moms. How many broken families in Pinellas County suffer in silence and have lost hope?Behind every door at Shepherd’s Village there is...

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Opening the Door to Her Dream

Ever since her divorce in 2006, it had been a dream of Nilsa’s to own her own home. Like most single parents, her journey included many moves. Financially challenged with debt from a divorce, she was limited to the places she and her three children could live. Many of...

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