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Real Stories from the Village


#dearmom We want you to know you aren't alone. Your kids DO see all the sacrifices you make for them. This short video paves the way for more kids to tell their moms just what they mean to them. Maybe it will even inspire you to tell YOUR mom what she means to YOU. If...

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A Letter To Single Moms at Christmas

Dear Single Mom, We are thinking of you. With Thanksgiving over and Christmas getting closer, we have been praying for your heart. This time of year is hard. We know. Everyone in the Shepherd’s Village’s family has been in your shoes. We are (or were) single moms,...

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The Day I Welcomed the Past Into My Home

After my divorce, I moved back into my parents’ home for some time to breathe, regroup, and save money as I determined my next step. I slept in my old bedroom in my twin-sized bed with glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling above me.  My little boys shared the room...

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