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6 Lessons I Learned As A Single Mom

Single motherhood. That wasn’t a path Christine ever expected to walk. Marriage. Babies. She thought these things were supposed to bring fulfillment and happiness, but her life wasn’t turning out the way she had always pictured it. Christine’s husband was never...

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How I Learned To Be An Adult From My Single Mom

When my single mother died in 2017 of dementia, I had the sober privilege of speaking at her funeral.  When I shared my tribute with a friend who had never gotten the blessing of meeting my mom, she offered five beautiful words:   “You remind me of...

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Stress and Anxiety—Two Uninvited Guests

Stress and Anxiety are like two aggravating, uninvited guests who come into your life to steal your peace and rob you of the joy your present life offers.  As a single mom, I can remember the stress and anxiety I felt when I had to rely on my family to watch my...

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