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When it comes to self-care, most of us think about going for a mani/pedi, spending time with encouraging friends, or taking a warm bubble bath. But have you ever thought of taking control of your finances as a form of self-care?  Financial expert Dave Ramsey says, “Financial freedom means that you get to make life […]


Look Back, Move Forward

December 31, 2018

Looking back, when many single moms first connect with Shepherd’s Village, they are clearly emotional, exhausted, and stressed. They are struck with the reality of being on their own with a child (or children) to raise, bills to pay, a household to run, and only 24 hours in the day. It’s daunting. Over time, things […]


Easy Ways to Save Money

October 23, 2018

As a solo-mom, it can seem impossible to find creative ways to make ends meet in an already too-tight budget.  How does a one-income family do it? Although challenging, with the help of the internet there are many resources out there. One great shopping app is IBOTTA. It is very simple to use and you […]


Transitions are hard at any age, but they are particularly difficult for adolescents. Uprooting teens involves a myriad of emotions over the loss of relationships and activities they love. Add the fear of the unknown and you’re in for the perfect storm for unexplainable outbursts, bad attitudes, and potentially a lot of tears. While you […]