Balance Does Matter

We hear this from so many moms: 

How can I change from being a control freak to allowing things to just unfold the way they are supposed to?

The answer is: BALANCE

In general, people tend to either be controlling or passive.  The controlling personality tends to put others on edge because they always have an answer to everything.  The passive personality tends to get overlooked because they rarely bring anything to the table. Which one is more like you?

What if we could bring balance to our thoughts, allow our spirit to be open, and accept the things we cannot change? What if we could communicate in a way that brings people to us rather than pushing them from us?  If there was ever a time to learn positive and inspiring personality skills, it’s now. The world around us is going a hundred miles an hour with little good coming out of it. When we surround ourselves with loving, kind, and gentle people, we are more apt to allow the negativity to bounce off us, leaving us feeling peaceful in any circumstance.

There are three amazing spiritual plains of life. When we make a concerted effort to experience them, harmony is felt within ourselves and our family. Peace falls into place.


Peaceful Living.



You have unique thoughts, memories, feelings, and sensations that are all part of being present in your reality. Our perceptions guide us and sometimes create chaos in our lives.

Our family and friends count on us to offer kindness.  Bringing your best is not easy. Raising a family or being in a long-term relationship requires making good decisions.  If you go forward with all the past baggage you’ve collected throughout the years, you will possibly destroy any chance of having a balanced and happy relationship. Conscienceless changes that.

When you release control of your thoughts and feeling to God and allow Him to guide you, things can change. You will begin to see others more clearly for who they are, rather than what you expect them to be. You may even begin accepting others without judgment. Being mindful of God, taking every thought captive, allows the pureness of each other’s spirit to be set free and to come alive.


Families require balance. Consider the way we speak and communicate with one another.  If we are focused on building a strong foundation of spiritual balance, our family will begin making choices that encourage unity with one another.  Siblings will start getting along with each other rather than being on the attack. When we have faith, I mean a deep faith, one that we honor twenty-four hours a day; we will eventually raise our consciousness to be all that God wants us to be.  We can’t be kind and gentle one moment and over-reacting and chaotic the other.

One way to move toward balance is to put forth the effort to forgive and forget those past stepping stones that led you to hurt and pain.  Step forward into pureness. You don’t have to be afraid to be vulnerable. If you trust yourself and know that you should honor God first and then yourselves, you will honor others with dignity.

When you become balanced in your thoughts, feelings, outlook, and responses, you will begin to live an excellent life. You will enjoy whatever is in front of you.  If you don’t give yourself permission to feel joyful, happy, or excited about life, then you will not be able to share that joy with the blessing of your family, friends, and loved ones.

Peaceful Living

Human beings love being at peace.  Start by empowering yourself through meditation, reading scripture, or even taking a nice quiet walk to keep our mood peaceful. Then, extend peace to others by considering them better than yourself. When we give yourself selflessly to honor and serve others, you not only help them feel validated and loved, you also receive a wonderful gift. You will feel more satisfied, comforted, and at peace.

No one can steal your joy if you don’t let them.  People will try, and if you let them, they will bring you down faster than a rock thrown into the lake.  However, when you make good choices, you can you’re your joy. Feeling peaceful allows other’s spirits to jump with excitement when they see you.

Enjoy life to its fullest and know that by raising our consciousness and being balanced, in all we do, will allow us to live a more peaceful life.